Among the entire rooms in your home, cleaning bathroom is a tough task. With all over there, it is a surprising for someone who challenges to reach without a complete hazmat outfit. Now, each and every cleaning product should comes with its individual fragrance, thus even later than the whole thing is cleaned, still you have to grasp your breathing while going in.
Other than what if there are some best methods to clean your bathroom? As an alternative of relying exclusively on name-brand products to purify the more horrible surfaces of your bathroom, you just attempt any one of these ideas at next time as you want to provide your tub, sink and toilet a better washing.

1-Baking soda and vinegar in the toilet


Pour the combination of baking soda and vinegar in your toilet for around 10 to 15 minutes, while it sparkles. You can use a toilet brush to wash within a bowl, before letting baking soda and vinegar for a small while longer. Let you continue this process until you have washed away the whole stains.  Continue Reading  ” N°2 is Great Idea I shared  it wit my family “

2-Baby oil


Rub the baby oil on your bathtub and sink faucet will let them to shine actually without even parting behind lines. Simply spray some baby oil onto the paper towel and wipe a slim coat through a valve. By using a dry paper towel, just rub off the oil until the faucets glow.

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