A bathroom is a multifunctional space and essential in the property of any size and type. A bathroom is very important for everyone to get organized in the daybreak and cleaning up at night-time without compromising the comfort. Every person has different expectations about the bathroom space. All homeowners consider the bathroom as a place for accessibility, hygiene and privacy. They enhance their routine efforts to maintain their bathroom in all the possible ways. They get ever-increasing challenging things to keep the bathroom clean and tidy as the daily foot traffic. They keep in mind that keeping their bathroom attractive does not make it enjoyable or easy.
Individuals who get bathroom related problems like the stained toilet bowl, clogged drain and grimy sink these days think about how to keep their bathroom at its best. They must be conscious about how to maintain their bathroom in working order and clean on a regular basis. If they do not maintain their bathroom and toilet for a long time, then they get much difficulty to reverse the effects of grime and dust. They can overcome this problem when they clean the bathroom and toilet once in a while. They can get the best result when they break down the bathroom maintenance task into manageable and small steps. The following seven tips assist everyone to keep the entire bathroom and toilet clean devoid of difficulties come with the prolonged and single cleaning effort.

1. Make a baking soda and vinegar scrub for the toilet

Mineral deposits in the toilet due to each flush lead to various problems over time. If you experience loads of unfavourable things like the unpleasant odours, unsightly stains and other things which cannot be scrub ring, then you can use the traditional cleaner. You have to leave the cleaning product behind whenever you get ready for cleaning the bathroom and toilet cleaning. You can make use of the mixture of baking soda and vinegar.
You can pour a cup of vinegar into the toilet bowl and use a toilet brush to scrub the inside. You must let this solution soak for a minute and add a cup of baking soda with a cup of vinegar into the water. The next step is to let this mixture to sit in the toilet bowl for a half an hour. Now, you have to scrub away the remaining stains before the solution sits in the toilet bowl for another half an hour. If you flush away the solution, then you can enjoy the bowl which shines. This is worthwhile to do it once a week and avoid future build-up.

2. Attend to the interior tank

Many people suffer from unpleasant bathroom odours and think about how to get rid of this problem. They have to keep in mind that the bathroom space of susceptible to grime, dirt and mineral build-up same as the toilet bowl. They can do the vinegar rinse on their toilet tank at least one time a month along with a bowl rinse to keep their toilet smelling its best and functioning well.
You can remove the tank lid at first and turn off the water valve located behind the toilet. Now, empty the tank by flushing the toilet and fill it with the vinegar to the overflow valve. You must let the vinegar to sit in the tank for 12 hours before scrubbing the interior with a brush. Turn on the water valve after the residue and build-up are eliminated. You must flush the toilet several times and remove the overall vinegar from the toilet tank.

3. Vacuum out air vents

Clogged air vents in the bathroom lead to foul smells and other unfavourable things. These vents are usually available above the shower and in the ground level for efficient air circulation purposes. Dust builds within the unit itself and between the vent slats and lead to obstruct air from moving out of the bathroom.
Moisture quickly accumulates when airflow in the bathroom is not good and lead to unpleasant aromas, mold and different types of damages to the ceiling and walls. You can vacuum bathroom vents on a regular basis and avoid this scenario. This is worthwhile to use the nozzle extender to reach the ceiling vents.

4. Do not overlook the curtain of the shower

A high-quality plastic curtain in the bathroom is a good option to keep excess water and moisture from the floors. However, a plastic shower curtain is a leading source for un-cleanliness when properly not maintained. Grime and the mildew build up on the plastic shower curtain play the main role behind the unpleasant doors and stains.
You have to take your plastic shower curtain and place it in the washing machine with other towels at least once a month. You can prefer the warm water cycle and also gentle detergent to avoid possibilities for damages to the plastic. You can hang the curtain up and air dry it after the warm water cycle is completed.

5. Use towel bars instead of towel hooks

Space-saving and convenient towel hooks in modern bathrooms attract everyone. These towel hooks are designed to keep the towels off the bathroom’s floor and dry wet clothes as efficient as possible. However, these towel hooks let the towels to remain damp and bunched up for promoting the mildew and its related aroma development. You can use towel racks rather than towel hooks.

6. Coat shower walls with the suitable moisture repellent

Everyone must keep their bathroom in a good condition and easy to clean nature on a regular basis. They may engage in the time-consuming cleaning process while removing the residue on the shower walls. They can coat the shower walls with the cheap and best moisture repellent to keep the mildew and also grime at bay. They have to use high-quality products and keep minerals sliding away from the show wall’s surface.

7. Swap out bar soap for soap pumps

You may seek how to get a quick and manageable bathroom cleaning process. You can swap out soap dispenser and get the desired result. There is an easy way to buy and use the bar soap. However, it does not require long before the residue of soap collects in the soap holder and on the counterparts. You can swap out the bar soap for soap pump.