There is always a mystery hidden behind your dreams that come into your mind while you are in a deep sleep. There is no such reason still being stated that why do you get dreams in your mind and what are the types of dreams you get while sleeping, scientists and psychologists are still trying to understand fully about the reason behind it. The study of dreams is called oneirology and it deals with the branch of medical science where people try to understand the pattern of your dreams that comes in front of your eyes while you are in deep sleep.

Some psychologists try to explain that the reason behind you dreaming is that your subconscious mind tries to indicate something very important to your conscious mind. Although, there are some dreams that are experienced by some people from time to time and there are some valid reasons also behind them. Our ancient instincts, a cultural code, the experience of our ancestors, and personal experience causes these dreams to come into our mind, as believed by a team of scientists. Listed below are some of the following dreams that you might have experienced and the reason behind them why it happened:


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If you ever see a dream in which you are falling then this might be due to the loss of control as suggested by some psychologists and also claims that in the younger and mid-generation people tends to see this kind of dream as they get to fall down when their career is at peak instead of flying high. It can also be an indication by your subconscious mind that in reality, your heartbeat rate might be decreasing or your blood pressure would be decreasing and it can also calm down your nervous system. Moreover, this type of dream would wake you up from sleep and you can easily calm down yourself. Also, if you ever saw the dream in which you are flying it indicates you to save yourself from any burden or set yourself to be free from any type of tying and get yourself real freedom.Continue Reading #3 is a great gift information !

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