Actually, toilet bowl is the one which you must clean frequently and people are not showing much interest on it. It is not only the area of your home unsightly but also it could be difficult to clean. Now a day, people are using harsh chemicals but it is not ideal choice to clean your toilet. Sometimes, strong smell of the cleaner might out power the strong smells which you might come out the bathroom before.
Fortunately, you can alternate solution for that. You are recommended to conventional organic product which might disinfect and clean your toilet bowl easier rather than other products. Try to check out the below items which is really useful to handle your toilet cleaning process much easier like

1. Vinegar


Probably, you might use the vinegar for different kinds of the cleaning purpose around the home. It is the perfect time to start using it as the toilet cleaner. Most of the studies report that it has mild acidic which might disinfect the toilet and get rid of the odors. Of course, it is totally safe to use.

2. Borax

Remember one thing; there is big difference between boric acid and borax. Actually, borax is mildly toxic. But, if you use it in the large amounts then it is only as toxic as the baking soda or salt. At the same time, it is the perfect choice for cleaning the toilet because it lightens, whitens and remove the stains which are beneficial to deodorize the toilet.

3. Regular dish soap

It is really useful to clean the toilet too. At the same time, it helps to lift the stains and disinfect. You might use it all the time because it is totally non toxic. There are different kinds of the brands available to create the products which are totally biodegradable and organic.

3. Citric acid

By utilizing lemon juice or other kinds of the citric acid, you might easily eliminate hard water stains and other kinds of the unsightly stains. The acid in juice might attach to the minerals which might left in bowl and makes it completely easier to clean the dirt and stains. Additionally, it provides fresh and excellent smell.

4. Baking soda

It is considered as the best cleaning agent to clean your bathroom and it is beneficial for different kinds of the cleaning projects which includes the toilet bowl. Remember one thing; it might not fight germs but it is really useful to get rid of stains wonderfully.

5. Essential oils

Adding essential oil for your toilet bowl cleaning is really helpful to add fresh and nice smell. There are vast numbers of the oils there. Tons of plant based oils are having antibacterial properties. Even, it is having antifungal or antiviral properties. Most of the people recommend you to use lavender, citrus oils, tea tree, rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus.
Individually, each of the cleaning products is beneficial to clean the toilet bowl but you can mix it then you can get drastic results. Here, some of our favorite combinations
For whitening
½ cup of the citric acid
3-5 drops essential oil
½ cup baking soda
For powerful disinfecting
1 cup of borax
½ cup vinegar
3-5 drops of your desire essential oils
Disinfecting and whitening
1 cup baking soda
½ cup vinegar
3-5 drops essential oils